The Petroleum geochemistry of Abu Dhabi onshore has been studied. From cutting and core analyses the presence of five main source rock intervals could be established in the Middle Cretaceous Shilaif Formation, the Lower Cretaceous Shuaiba Formation and Bab Member, the Upper Jurassic Dukhan Formation, the Upper Triassic Minjur Formation and the Permian Khuft Formation. Analyses of 13 crude oils resulted into five oil families. The Simsima reservoired oil of the Shah field appeared to originate from the Shilaif Formation source rock, while the Shuaiba oil of the Shah field is sourced from a shaly Bab Member source rock. The Kharaib reservoired oils in the Asab, Bu Hasa, Rumaitha, Sahil and Jam Yaphour fields originate most probably Irom Bab Member source rocks, while the Qatar and Habshan reservoired oils of the Bu Hasa and Shah field are likely to be related to Dukhan source rocks. For the Habshan oils of the Shah field, investigated in this study no matching source rock could be identified yet. Finally a maturity modelling study for the main source rock bearing Stratigraphie intervals was carried out.

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