As part of the ADNOC's strategic approach to maximize the value of procurement, a Group Category Management initiative was launched for Electric wireline logging services with a primary objective to leverage the spending and volume of ADNOC Group Companies. In support of this direction, ADNOC sets the following goals; ADNOC to become the regional operator of choice, securing Gulf Countries Council (GCC) Wireline service capacity to ensure tool and personnel availability, implementation of log output-based scope design, promoting operational delivery through the introduction of performance-based work incentives, reducing operational delays and Non-Productive Time (NPT) through improved supplier performance management, increasing access to new technology, promoting In-Country Value (ICV), and increasing Emirate employment in Wireline Logging.

ADNOC Upstream operating units execute oil and gas drilling and production operations that spread over onshore and offshore Abu Dhabi and handle various reservoir types and conditions such as shallow/deep reservoirs, sweet/sour, and ultra-sour gas reservoirs. Under such circumstances, a critical success factor of this initiative was underpinned by a unified scope of work that accommodates Onshore/Offshore, sweet, and harsh operating environments to come up with a scope that balances the work environment requirement, service quality, and cost. This paper describes the detailed journey to build a joint scope of work that can serve all ADNOC operating units in a cost-effective and flexible model based on the building blocks concept. To compartmentalize, ADNOC technical team built the scope package and respective cost model based on service type that includes Open Hole, Cased Hole and Explosives logging services. The proposed scope of work model was tested by designing different types of jobs. Later, a technical group verified the proposed model by comparing the model outcome with the current discrete models for Onshore, Offshore, harsh, and extended reach well environment. It was concluded that integrated scope of work is a safe, robust, and cost-effective model that assures the same level of service quality is provided all over Group companies considering the differences in operation environment and requirements.

Following the scope and strategic option review, a group level procurement event was determined as the best course of action to achieve the set objectives. As such, a market capability assessment and demand analysis were conducted to initiate the sourcing event.

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