Many IOC and NOC organizations have and continue to be face with the challenge of establishing a corporate standard for measuring production performance across their producing assets. The difficulty with this challgenge comes from reporting localized production, managing production shortfalls, and identifying opportunities to increase production. These are three critical elements of production excellence or production performance programs.

This paper presents a solution for this challenge. This novel solution uses the choke model or limit diagram to integrate existing portions of the production performance framework; i. e., shortfall production management, opportunity identification workshops, and well potential calculations. The challenge is to duplicate these elements in a standard way across 12 active producing assets at different geographical locations, with diverse operating cultures, hydrocarbon types, contractual frameworks, and engineering criteria.

Within three years all assets were sharing the same basis for Production Excellence program (Px) with strict reporting discipling enabled by common corporate system. During the same period the overall production efficiency increase by 3% adding 1.1 MMBOE into the tanks.

In addition to the production baseline sustainability, other major benefits included the standardization of oil production loss classification and production opportunities identification workshop to keep the discipline of identifying production potential to reflect the everchanging field conditions.

This paper will present the integration of the Px program as the main endevoar to make it a portion of the operating culture and the proposed method to capture and share the performance gains. Additionally, a tremendous effort was made to build some of the elements directly into the production data management systems in the local operating assets to enable the corporate reporting system to read any source of data. These data are then used as a business intelligence application reporting accessible via smart and interactive dashboards.

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