The Automated Drilling Director, a software application for drilling automation, integrates a physics-based model of the drilling system with machine learning and optimization algorithms to project the well path, monitor collision risk, manage vibrations, and control steering in real time automatically. With "intelligent" rotary steerable systems (RSSs), these steering decisions can be downlinked directly to the tool, thus, fully closing the loop around steering decision-making. Implementation of the Automated Drilling Director within a remote drilling center (RDC) enables the drilling operations to be conducted remotely and effectively with less rig site personnel. The resulting decisions are consistent and reliable, while a team of subject matter experts (SMEs) monitor the operations to optimize well assets, ensuring that the pre-job design of service (DoS) is executed properly. The validation of this innovative technology and approach in Kuwait, amongst others, opens the door to a new way of doing business, where resources, experience, and data are combined in the most efficient manner to improve consistency, as well as to maximize the value of the operators’ assets.

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