FGIIP (Field Gas Initially in Place) is one of the most essential elements in building dependable static and Integrated Asset Model (IAM). A good estimation of FGIIP will improve history matching and generate reliable forecast. The mature gas field producing under depletion mode is an ideal example where P/Z technique can fit well to re-estimate the FGIIP. Even more, the estimation is also important to narrow down FGIIP uncertainties that initially existed in static model.

Reliable FGIIP estimation is achieved by performing multiple P/Z calculations. The process involves dividing reservoir into key areas and each area is represented by individual P/Z prior to summing-up all P/Z to get the total FGIIP. Several scenarios are developed by defining key areas based on permeability variation, areal distribution and PVT behavior. The best FGIIP estimation is then fed back into the static model to generate numerous realizations considering the static uncertainties to produce the same FGIIP. Static models with realistic distribution of properties and good history match are used in the IAM model to generate forecast.

The giant onshore gas field is highly heterogeneous having permeability, lateral composition variation and dynamic interaction between wells. To ensure that the heterogeneity observed in the field is honored, multiple key areas are defined by making areal sectorization and lateral PVT variation when estimating FGIIP with P/Z approach. Communication between areas was evidenced from the sectoral P/Z. The field history matching was improved after applying the new estimated FGIIP. It was observed that the sectoral history matching both for production and pressure matches from some selected realizations built in static model resulted in better matches. Succinctly the re-evaluation of static derived FGIIP with P/Z method for the mature gas field was able to reduce the uncertainty range that initially existed. Incorporating the correct estimation of FGIIP in IAM has helped to yield reliable forecast and has enabled the asset to plan proper work programs for further field development.

Analytical material balance with P/Z is very applicable for mature gas reservoirs producing under depletion mode. The approach is worth doing to narrow down the uncertainty range that was previously calculated. Moreover, the integration of analytical P/Z with static and dynamic model (IAM) has achieved more reliable forecasting of the mature gas field to proceed with further development plan.

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