Oil&Gas facilities operators are looking for safe and efficient Turnaround cycles with minimum downtime. However planning such project, ensuring availability of materials, of equipment and of skilled personnel, as well as orchestrating the hundreds of processes and stakeholders involved in the execution to keep it on schedule and on budget is a huge and complex challenge. How to handle and take into account what is planned and what is unplanned?

A Turnaround project can be managed with similar approach than an EPC (Engineering Procurement Construction) project. It should leverage collaborative best practices developed to handle capital projects. Those practices allow to plan more productively, to execute with agility while taking into account unplanned changes "on the fly" without affecting on-going activities. A digital collaborative platform enables integrated knowledge as well as real-time visibility into every aspect of the Turnaround. It provides seamless collaboration for productive planning and intelligent execution. This is a strategy, which eliminates unproductive tasks and brings stakeholders together in a dynamic, collaborative management system.

With better orchestration, plant owners and operators can reduce their planning and preparation workload by around 30% with also positive impact on all subcontractors. With a better seamless execution, plant owners and operators can get things done right the first time and recover to unplanned events. They can reduce the risk to be out of schedule and keep on track with more margin. They can even reduce the execution time by up to 5% in some situation. Finally, it enforces the reuse of insights that are gathered along Turnarounds to improve safety and extend by 20% the cycle in future Turnaround.

A 3D collaborative platform provides an easy to use single source of truth to manage and monitor a Turnaround. Using such 3D environment, one can quickly identify the location of an issue where potential bottlenecks occur, and get access to any relevant vendor's specification, inspection or maintenance history report. Such 3D platform can also help to easily track with color-coding the leak test results of the many joints and their potential disturbances after Turnaround inspection.

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