Cost optimization is a continuous process in any business to drive cost reduction, while maximizing business value. Currently, cost reduction is being adopted by Oil & Gas firms as a core strategy, in order to maximize the profit margin. With global economies facing recession and wide fluctuations in energy demands, it seems low costs is becoming the safety valve for Oil & Gas companies. The oil and gas industry is under tremendous revenue and costs pressures. The indication is that globally, the oil and gas industry has experienced a huge drop in revenue in recent past. Some exploration and production oil firms have either halted or slowed down their production operations. Companies that manage their costs effectively will gain a competitive advantage. The oil market has less maneuverability with oil cartels determining the international price of oil. Project Costs are the major cost drivers of the Life Cycle costing & so Cost optimization of all mega Oil & Gas Projects became necessitated. Mega Oil & Gas projects, especially at ADNOC Offshore locations, are complex, labor-intensive and located inside Arabian Sea. These workforces are mainly from south Asian countries and so offshore sites are often subjected to the constraints of insufficient labor. These projects face multiple challenges in project management like severe weather, geographical conditions, insufficient work spaces etc. in addition to labor forces.

Cost reductions are accomplished through optimization of its strong and robust project management organization, management of uncertainties, high quality engineering, and implementation of value engineering during engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning (EPCC) phases and effective management of changes along with key Stakeholders expectations throughout the project life cycle.

This paper is based on the authors’ real life experience in implementation of many complex and mega upstream Oil & Gas projects with ADNOC Offshore who is currently leading multiple projects at DAS & Zirku islands. The most workable methods in this regard are listed here below.

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