As red zone management continues to be one of the most challenging risks on different types of drilling rigs, a Combined Operator Contractor Pilot was launched by Helin Data on a Maersk Drilling offshore rig contacted for bp Egypt that was operating in the Mediterranean for 10 years drilling and completing deep water HPHT wells aiming to integrate efficient drilling operations along with maximized safety.

The Red Zone Management Pilot system is composed of two main scopes; monitoring and detecting people and equipment on the drill floor using advanced video analytics technology and subsequently developing new technology to include alarmed movement of prime moving/hoisting drill floor equipment.

The Helin Data pilot system demonstrates full insight of both personnel and equipment movement in the red zone. In addition, the team looked to further reduce dropped objects related risks using hydraulic wireline winches. This was achieved by installing digital load cells on drill floor tuggers. Remote winch operation with load cells effectively mitigates overpull incidents and associated risks, while involving less persons in the red zone. The pilot project brought simple concepts together with successful results on raising situational awareness on the drill floor and reducing human error, the presentation focuses on the project's functionalities, main challenges and detailed system implementation phases.

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