Increased focus by Upstream Oil and Gas Companies to adapt to the current business environment has led to leveraging upon process simplification, Industry- 4.0 and digitalization programs for enhancing the field operations, reduce deferments and standardize planning processes inline to operational excellence. Objective is to lean current processes through developing lesser decision stage gates and providing input data bank for faster decision making, thus transforming the way of working into "value based" and improving on efficiency. In current business environment, digital solutions are being favorably viewed as enablers instead of disruptors, as was considered in the past. Digital solutions encompass development of model based technical workflows, lean business process workflows, robust planning methodology and integrated performance dashboards to enable informed and optimal decision making. Through this paper, experience from various Oil and Gas Upstream Operators in their journey of digitalization and in business and technical process simplifications will be shared, based on author's work and interaction with different oil and gas operators.

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