Successful identification, evaluation, and management of bottlenecks in a complex, offshore production processing system—though challenging—can significantly increase daily production for the system owner. Historically, such optimization plans were developed in relative isolation of the entire production system from wellhead to export pipeline. That approach benefits simplistic systems with sufficient ullage and in which discrete changes do not affect other flow system components. However, the Constitution platform in the Green Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico, which was commissioned in 2006 with a nameplate capacity of 70,000 BOPD, is a complex system with four fields in varying stages of development. These fields have both dry and wet tree wells with varying fluid compositions and pressures flowing through the facility, which necessitates varying process requirements, making it challenging to manage. Such a system requires a holistic and focused approach by all technical and commercial disciplines. This paper focuses on a multidisciplinary process developed to identify, evaluate, and eliminate interdependent bottlenecks on the Constitution platform and its flowline network during a 16-month period. A multidisciplinary study was kicked off in 2017 to address these complex bottlenecking issues, and the resulting project achieved a 30% improvement in deliverability of the process system.

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