"X-Mas Trees, Wellhead and Down Hole Safety Valves" are deemed as Well HSE critical Equipment in Abu Dhabi Oil fields (alike in many other countries round the world). Ensuring 100%, integrity of this critical equipment has always been a challenge in the industry due to equipment aging (above 25 years in operation) and lack of comprehensive international standard guidelines on this subject. Hence, a comprehensive methodology named as "100% Integrity Assurance approach" was implemented for this equipment in order to ensure sustainability and to prevent HSE incidents throughout the well lifecycle. This methodology in turn contributed significantly towards Life extension of the aging equipment by reducing its failure rates.

The 100% Integrity Assurance approach for Well HSE Critical equipment is a broad-spectrum continuous process involving collaboration among multiple disciplines of the organization such as "Well Integrity, Field Development, Field Production and Maintenance teams. The methodology consists of:

  • Introducing a risk based approach to standardize all requirements of Integrity Assurance activities for this equipment (e.g. frequency of activities to be performed, process, responsibilities, Allowable Leak Rates etc.).

  • Establishment of an automated mechanism to track and report each and every pre-defined Integrity Assurance activity, highlighting areas of improvement to meet 100% compliance.

  • A robust road map to overcome all the challenges hindering the 100% compliance target of these activities. This includes introduction of special procedures, right set of equipment and effective tracking system.

  • Introduction of Non-Weather dependent equipment to carry out activities round the year in offshore environment.

Implementing this methodology resulted not only in improving performance visibility of Well HSE Critical Equipment to whole organization but it also observed to be contributing significantly to Life extension of the aging equipment by reducing failure rates. Based on last 6-years comprehensive data upto 60% Reduction was observed in the Failure rates of HSE critical equipment/X-Mas Tree Valves.

This unique approach involving multiple disciplines of the organization is new and quite fruitful to maintain the integrity of aging Well HSE critical equipment. The methodology is systematic and fulfils exiting gap in the Oil Field Industry, which lacks any comprehensive international guidelines to maintain or extend the life of aging X-Tree and DHSV equipment.

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