Strengthening Technical and business skills with new perspectives, thinking and new insights are critical to ensure high performance and value creation in the short- and long-term. Nimr Cluster relentlessly aspire be renowned and respected for the excellence of our people and the value we create for Oman and all our stakeholders. In the midst of disruptive time where 'Do More with Less' is a guideline we have innovated and persevered the journey of professional / personal development - Make the Future - Oman 2040!

Nimr Cluster in Petroleum Development Oman's (PDO) south oil directorate is one of the first clusters to implement and enroll graduates in the Graduate Development Program (GDP). This is a tracking tool to ensure a balance between staff development as well as delivering business activities.

This approach provides a focused Staff Development to Progression, with Clear synergy with Function and Business needs to drive individual aspiration to progress.

The cluster in question, Nimr, is the biggest in the Oil South Directorate, comprises more than 20 fields with different production mechanisms, including depletion, polymer and Waterflood. It also has more than 2,000 active wells, the highest count for an individual asset in PDO, and delivers a substantial amount of produced oil. The scope and scale of its operations gave the Nimr leadership a significant opportunity to make efficiency improvements.

Nimr Cluster started to implement Tamuh since 2019, and that took three stages. It started by hard copy tracking sheet in 2019 into a fully digital tracking sheet in a cloud-based database that can be accessed by all. The coach and coachee balance is set and the Gemba is taking place in different level. Team leads and the cluster leader the function, and the petroleum manager level. This allows for better management from the graduate side, as the past situation had many factors to juggle and manage effectively.

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