As capital projects execution is increasingly transformed through digitalisation, there are further opportunities to optimise the efficiencies and effectiveness of Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) phase maintenance, and integrity management programme development. This paper presents a model for the development of lifecycle maintenance and integrity management programmes during the EPC phase. The approach comprises a fully integrated solution for all required work scopes. This model is embedded within an asset management build platform and has been designed to encourage collaborative working and maximise efficiencies during execution.

The approach enables the provision of clear information to the EPC project team highlighting the critical path data requirements and schedules. This provides enhanced definition of Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) build processes, smoother project management, improved consistency and accuracy of the asset register, hierarchy build, materials, inventory content and linkages. Requirements for manual data scraping from engineering drawings, datasheets and vendor documentation have been substantially reduced. Instead, the approach maximises opportunities to standardise and digitise much of data handling and capture required for successful programme development.

The model incorporates simple, robust rulesets for lifecycle maintenance and integrity management strategies, which consider aspects such as: class code, equipment sub-categories, materials, and operating context. This has resulted in consistent, standardised programme development and implementation, while accounting for owner/operator specifications and requirements. Furthermore, the data deliverables and outputs can be used as a basis for CMMS management of change during the subsequent operating phase.

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