Here we present commercialization and mechanisms to manufacture bulk-metallic-glass composite (BMGC) dissolvable plugged nozzle assemblies (DPNA) for injection wells in offshore Arabian Gulf. These DPNAs' are to be installed on limited entry perforated liners for an extended performance, providing significant cost benefits to operators. While elastomeric plugs have significant shortcomings, thermal stability, extrudability among others, as such compromised high temperature performance, our metallic dissolvable alloy has reliable performance at elevated temperatures even at higher pressures. Our article encompasses design, verification and validation (V&V) data for a nozzle with a partially vitrified, nano-metallic dissolvable plug to withstand 3,500 psi differential pressure across the nozzle, where (i) Ability of DPNA to hold pressure between 12 and 36-hour (0.5 to 1.5 days) when pressurized from ID to OD, with subsequent breakthrough on pressure reversal of 200 to 500 psi (OD to ID) within 14 days from start of operations (ii) Environment encompasses up to 43% Bromide salts as completions brine to prevent deposition of Ca2+ ions abundant in Middle East and North Africa (MENA region) or up to 21% Chloride salts (iii) Temperatures as high as 200 ºF, will be a first of its kind. V&V is supported by flow testing combined with CFD performed on potted DPNAs'.

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