The objective of this study is to evaluate and de-risk the extension of the Kahmah Group, which is a newly identified carbonate extension in the Eastern part of XX field, and to assess and unlock further appraisal and development opportunities.

Eastern field correlation was done by correlating the wells that has encountered Kahmah carbonate, the ones showing low Gamma Ray (GR) traces. Well correlation was done mainly on Petrophysical properties of three vertical penetrations that show distinct and abrupt change from high GR (Base Nahr Umr Shale and/or Mahwis sandstones) to low GR reflecting Kahmah carbonates.

Based on the thicknesses of Kahmah based on the vertical well data and commercial oil seen in all wells in the vicinity, thickness and expected oil distribution maps were created.

The main findings from the correlation are: 1) Kahmah reservoir is divided into two pays and two non-pays zones as seen in XX-1H1. 2) The reservoir is thickest around XX-1 and thins out toward YY-10 to the south and disappears completely in XX-5 to the north, portraying a wedge- shape.

Kahmah reservoir varies in thickness, with thickest interval encountered in XX-1 with 11m. The reservoir thins out towards the edge closer to YY-10 confirming the wedge-like structure.

A conceptual understanding has been incorporated in generating cross-sections portraying and proving the wedge-shape structure of Kahmah.

Like any other new formation development, many uncertainties are associated with Kahmah development like formation extension, reservoir/fluid properties, pressure behaviour and others.

The key observations from this project can be summarized as following:

  • Different packages of reservoir. May be of different or similar properties

  • Extension of Kahmah towards northern part of XX field is still highly uncertain

  • Continuity of Kahmah Reservoir is uncertain

  • Reservoir pressure and communication with Mahwis formation need to be evaluated

  • Reservoir and fluid properties also need to be evaluated

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