Suitable drilling fluid with suitable properties is a critical factor in successful drilling and completion operations. Drilling fluids consultant will need information such as formation lithology, wellbore geometry, temperature, pressure to be able to formulate fluids for different sections. Drilling fluids consultants' job is to aid drilling engineers and scientists to formulate effective drilling fluids systems for the entire well sections.

The paper describes a drilling fluid advisory system with demonstrating examples to the end user. The advisory system includes a Bayesian decision network (BDN) model that utilize inputs such as temperature and pressure and provide drilling fluids formulations based on Bayesian probability determinations.

A number of drilling fluid specialists/experts feedback were gathered to develop the drilling fluid advisory system. The drilling fluid specialists/experts feedback were used to design Bayesian Network Model that would allow the end-user to take an elementary data set to obtain optimum recommendations in the area of drilling fluids.

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