It is common to be faced with severe losses prior to cementing the 9 5-8 in. intermediate casing in an offshore field in UAE. Intermediate casing covers weak zones and as a results there is always a high risk of formation breakdown and induced losses while running the casing and before it reaches intended setting point. The average losses experienced during drilling the 12 1-4 in. hole may exceed 100 BPH.

The main challenge in the case reviewed in this paper was that the formation was fracturing during casing running, compromising ability to achieve proper zonal isolation and successful cement job execution.

To address the challenge a special LCM Spacer system was proposed, designed to minimize or eliminate the losses during the primary cement job by offering superior sealing capabilities. This LCM Spacer system can easily mitigate loss circulation while cementing, based on ultra-low invasion technology forming a barrier across loss zones. It creates a film across formation walls and reduces the loss circulation ranging from partial to total losses on permeable, fragile, weak formation, natural fractures and depleted reservoirs. It also improves wellbore stability and ECD’s along the wellbore and expected loss zones.

The LCM Spacer system was designed and implemented based on the well conditions, design guidelines and previously recorded global success of the system applied in similar applications.

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