The paper explores the contributing factors impacting/constituting enhancement of the drilling in the 6' section in one of the giant offshore fields of ADNOC. While there is a tangible and obvious contribution from the surface manipulation of parameters, there is also an irrefutable connect between down hole factors and ROP. Factors such as formation density, porosity, Mechanical Specific Energy, Orientation, mud weight, DDI crestal or flank placement of the well and their impact on performance. The crestal wells have come with their own inherent downhole problems and challenges. While at times there is linearity between the formation Mechanical Specific Energy and formation Density, there isn't necessarily a linear relationship between the drilling parameters and the resultant ROP. The density and porosity of the formation not only impact the MSE but the ROP downhole as well. The required parameters to drill each formation also vary with these properties and their effectiveness can in turn be tracked with the MSE being seen as a direct result of the BHA and formation interaction. The analyses entailed cover the formation density, discrimination plots, Azimuth, mud weight, BHA stabilizations, MSE and the respective intra parameter interactions that form the overall resultant drilling performance.

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