This paper describes a pilot program for the application of an Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD) by retrofitting an existing ICD completion for reservoir optimization. New drill horizontal wells were required to be completed with AICD's to enhance recovery with existing ICD completion materials in inventory desired to be used. The workflow for establishing the decision change from ICD to AICD completion and the completion design process change is discussed.

The well program was selected to demonstrate the effectiveness of AICDs in the Jasmine asset, a current field development in Thailand. ICD screens had previously been purchased for a different application but were unused. To reduce overall project cost and asset inventory, a method of utilization the existing ICD screens was strongly desired. An evaluation was done, followed by design and development of a manufacturing process to retrofit the ICD screens with larger sized AICD housing. Furthermore, overall completion design was implemented to ensure a smooth deployment and optimized production benefit.

Multiple joints of existing ICD screens were successfully retrofitted with AICD technology locally within the region. The operator was able to reduce current inventory book levels by 20% that resulted in a direct cost saving of 40% comparing to new AICD screen cost. The field deployment of the retrofit completion was a success without any operational issues.

Despite the improved productivity and uplift in reserve recovery associated with horizontal wells, reservoir heterogeneity can cause uneven production and early water and gas breakthrough from portions of the wellbore. The AICD delivers a variable flow restriction in response to the properties (viscosity) of the fluid with water or gas flow restricted. With multiple segmentation along the horizontal section in this application, excessive production of unwanted gas and water have been limited. Installed in late 2017 and another application in 2018, production from the wells have exceeded expectation, with an uplift in recovery.

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