Increased production alongside low costs has always been a long-standing goal for operators in a time where the industry is thriving to increase their operational and economical efficiencies. For maturing fields, operators are constantly seeking innovative techniques to access large quantities of reserves found in low permeability formations.

The nature of the reservoir has resulted in an economical need to implement a hydraulic fracturing campaign. This would assist with increased production through wider contact area of the producing interval. After a campaign resulting in favorable results through hydraulic fracturing, additional efficiencies addressing the operational and cost concerns of cemented plug & perf were required. In order to maintain production increases while maintaining operational efficiency, the need for multi-stage hydraulic fracturing became evident.

Six candidate wells were selected for proppant fracturing utilizing a multi-stage completion technique that has been widely adopted in North America for the past 17 years and internationally for over a decade. The technique utilizes a series of hydraulic mechanical packers and fracturing ports that are shifted open sequentially across the applicable zones targeted for treatment. The ports have seats that are sized to respective balls, which are used to isolate the stimulated intervals. The system allows for increased efficiency through eliminating the risks associated with wireline operations for perforating, or coiled tubing operations to mill out bridge plugs. It also allows for immediate and simultaneous production from all stages as well as contingencies for shutting off water zones. From June 2016 to March 2017, six systems were installed consisting of 6 to 8 hydraulic fracturing stages, which were placed in cased-hole pre-perforated wells.

This paper investigates reservoir quality assessment as well as the stimulation efficiency and productivity enhancement of the Sidri Field. It investigates two different completion methodologies to investigate operational efficiency and productivity enhancement of the Sidri Field in the Sinai Peninsula. The comprehensive evaluation will involve discussions of candidate selection, pre-job design alongside comparisons of timeline, cost, zonal isolation, and productivity to help serve as a guideline for operators in the region looking to enhance their completion approach.

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