The Pengerang Integrated Complex (PIC) is a US$27b multi package fast-tracked mega project with execution period of 60 months to ‘Ready for Start-up’ in Q1 2019. One of the largest project of its kind in the world constructed at a single time and location, PIC consists of a Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) and supporting facilities. A successful integrated system schedule was established towards achieving on-time project completion by early 2019.

The key challenges lie in the immense complexity of the project with involvement of over 140 organizations including more than 40 EPCC packages, supported by 13 licensors and over 200 suppliers and Contractors, around 250k EPCC schedule line items and alignment of 117 Integrated Networks across over 30 main process units. To drive a successful system schedule integration, three key guiding principles were followed: a pre-emptive schedule management guideline for systemization and start-up sequence, integrated critical path schedule alignment engagements with EPCC Contractors and a lean task force collaboration by project planning and operation on prioritized critical utilities delivery for EPCC commissioning activities.

As a result of the successful system schedule alignment and integration, the critical utilities i.e. power, steam, cooling water, fuel gas and fire water, were successfully delivered in quick successions according to the respective EPCC packages needs, allowing commissioning activities within the packages and the Integrated Networks crossing over multiple EPCC packages. The cohesive pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up schedule between all EPCC packages propelled PIC project to a momentous "Finish Strong".

The critical success factor comprising of early creation of special task force driven by project planning and operation personnel in managing system schedule prioritization and strong collaboration with EPCC Contractors, maybe the answer to future projects looking for integrated smart solutions.

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