Downhole wet gas compression technology (DHWGC) is a relatively new artificial lift concept for gas wells that aims to boost production, maximize recovery and delay onset of liquid loading. By definition, wet gas compressors are capable to handle certain amount of liquids entrained in the gas, however, there are some circumstances where large amounts of liquids accumulate below the compressor and need to be removed to allow the gas well to flow. Liquids can accumulate below the downhole compressor after well intervention or as result of condensates accumulation during normal production. To this end, a means to enable liquids removal for Downhole wet gas compression applications must be developed.

The objective of this study was to identify completion solutions that enable liquids unloading below the compressor. This paper introduces a new concept with a simple well architecture that will enable continuous operation and eliminate needs of additional well interventions to remove liquids accumulation that occur during well shut-in operations.

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