The study was conducted for Giant Gas-Condensate reservoir under Recycling mode in order to achieve the high condensate recovery and maintain the reservoir pressure by sectorize the reservoir into the different sectors. Especially with under-injection mode when no make-up gas is availableor sellable gas is required. The available amount of gas for injection should be properly distributed across the reservoir to maintain the reservoir pressure where it is most required and same time to prevent the early gas breakthrough. The study was aimed to sectorize the reservoir into thedifferent sectors which will lead to improve the reservoir management including the re-distribution of injection and full field development strategies.

The two approached have been created for sectorization: first approachwas based on the geological definition and second approach was based on the well level optimization. Many reservoir data have been utilized in this study including the surface facilities layout.

Initially, the available geological data such as Facies has been used to generate the above explained approaches. The actual tracer and other production/injection data used to confirm the above explained sectorization. Finally, the simulation model was re-build to address the sectorization. Moreover, several sensitives were simulated assume the 50%-80% RecycleRatio to come up with the optimum setup for gas injection distribution for the existing wells including the newly 2018 commissioned peripheral gasinjectors.

This work has resulted in positive outcome with few millions additional condensate recovery with zero investment. According the outcomes analysis the implementation plan is designed with allowable per each gas injector.

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