Dropped Objects pose the number-one risk of serious injuries, fatalities, and equipment damage in several industries across the globe and is more prominent in Off shore drilling condition, where more personnel perform their duties within a confined space. Dropped Object Prevention Scheme [DROPS] is intended to be applied to operations in which Dropped Objects could cause harm to people, equipment, and/or the environment. Though Companies develop documented DROPS at relevant levels/departments within the organization as per objectives and targets developed as part of their company's existing Health, Safety, and Environment and/or operational goal-setting processes. Third Party DROPS Survey and Reporting is a catalyst to integrate & guide the scheme to meet its objectives.

This paper emphasizes the importance of a robust DROPS, reinforced by repeatable and reliable DROPS Survey & Reporting, in compliance with present industry standard and at the end extend its SMARTER possibilities of expansion with use of RFID Tags and Artificial Intelligence. Our cloud-based Asset Inspection Management System "SOSINSPECTIONEERING" through which (1)Each individually identified DROPS Item shall have a Unique Asset ID,(2)Generate individual DROPS Report for each DROPS Asset, (3)Generate a DROPS Master Asset Register capturing the main features of DROPS Reports and linking it to the latest DROPS Report, (4)Option for Client to download a excel picture book with all 3 levels of Securing and a detailed item specific checklist, (5)The Check list downloaded to ‘Tab’ or any equivalent device provides the work site supervisor to use it in his/her regular verification inspection and report compliance/non-compliance report for further analysis.

We are also developing the system to next level of application such as, (a)Tagging each DROPS Asset with RFID Tags, (b) RFID Tag to load with latest DROPS Report for that Asset ID, (c)Each DROPS Reports of the Asset to linked to its other documentation like (i)Manufacture Certificate; (ii)OEM/Other DATA Sheets; (iii)Latest Lifting Certificate &NDT Inspection, (d)RFID scanner with the Work Site Supervisor to Download the DROPS Report or ‘Drone’ to scan the RFID Tag to Down load the latest DROPS Report to the Remote System for verification, (e)Work Site Supervisor of Third Party DROPS Surveyor with Camera can take real time Photos to edit the DROPS Report and modify the ‘Photo Book’ in real time, (f)similarly Camera fitted in a ‘Drone’ can go one step beyond the checklist to use artificial intelligence to recognize patterns and takes a probabilistic approach to verify the compliance by using more historical data.

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