A state-of-the-art, high-density full azimuth seismic dataset was acquired over a producing field south-west Abu Dhabi to determine optimum high-resolution acquisition and processing parameters. The existing 3D seismic data was acquired in 1994-95 with low fold coverage. The central part of the new seismic volume has good well control to develop, optimize, and QC processing workflows. The new dataset utilised the system with single-sensor geophone accelerometers, point source DX80 vibrators using the Maximum Displacement sweep design with an enhancement of low frequencies as such a broadened amplitude spectrum. The key specifications for seismic acquisition include full azimuth high-density single-source / single-sensor data, long offsets and a broadband vibroseis sweep that retains low frequencies down to 3Hz. The single-sensor single-source technology and the full azimuth dense geometry (5x5m grid) was designed for an optimum subsurface imaging for this survey. The volume was processed through anisotropic prestack time and depth migration followed by poststack wavelet processing and spectral balancing.

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