The digital transformation in the energy sector has specific features arising from the characteristics of the sector, the dimensions of the assets and the complexity of the technologies and processes utilized in the research, production, transformation, and transportation and sale of energy to the end-user.

This paper describes the performance model developed in Eni to measure the success of the digital transformation programme. A top-down approach was developed for the three main sectors/areas impacted by the transformation i.e. the Industrial and Commercial sectors and the Support Functions area.

The model is structured in 3 layers: Strategic Goals, Company Results and Business Lines / Assets Operational Performances. For each layer, different sets of KPIs have been identified to measure the contribution provided to the Company's targets both operational and economic, from the digital transformation programme. Those KPIs are also complemented with indicators to monitor the progress of the on-going initiatives/projects and of the Change Management programme. Some preliminary results and next steps are also discussed.

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