The complexity of the recovery mechanism generally increases with the maturation of a producing field; therefore, the granularity of the reservoir analysis must increase proportionally to better understand the well and reservoir dynamics. ADNOC's Integrated Reservoir Management (IRM) Framework has instituted a set of workflows to focus on analyzing the reservoir performance at the sector level to assure reservoir performance sustainability. ADNOC has developed and implemented a robust automated Sector Performance Review (SPR) process using state-of-the-art analytics and business process management tool. The main objective of this work is to foster collaboration among multiple disciplines to assess the reservoir performance, as well as, to identify, interpret and implement profitable opportunities through a centralized platform (Al Marzouqi et al, 2017).

A unique process has been implemented in the five major assets of the ADNOC group, which covers approximately 50% of UAE overall production. The system leverages an automated integration of subsurface data from numerous sources; live analytics visualization provides reservoir performance insights on the sector level through automatically calculated KPIs and diagnostic trends. (Al Marzouqi et al, 2018). The integrated interface helps the multidisciplinary teams to identify the value-driven opportunities; the ranking and the feasibility analysis of these opportunities are governed by a closed-loop maturation process that involves the formal approval processes in order to obtain approval or authorization for action.

The solution offers an innovative way to establish collaboration among different assets to assimilate reservoir performance insights through a sustainable platform. Some of the immediate benefits include the effective execution of a reservoir management scheme, monitoring the variance between actual and anticipated performances during the course of projects, and assuring production target compliance whilst mitigating the shortfalls proactively. In fact, a reservoir level analysis tool (RPR) was piloted during 2017 and presented in SPE-193012-MS. However, with the necessity of having analysis at the sector level, the overall design of the solution is transformed to allow the users to carry out the analysis at sector and well level granularity. The SPR (Sector Performance Review) is enabling the achievement of a consistent approach across all assets for all subsurface performance review processes while improving efficiency through automation of data gathering and presentation and the identification of all underperforming reservoir, sectors, and wells.

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