A giant carbonate field offshore Abu Dhabi is being redeveloped using extended-reach-horizontal-laterals up to 20,000 ft with open hole un-cemented liner, drilled from artificial islands. Long horizontal wells provide significant profitability in unit development cost; however it is critical to ensure effective stimulation of the complete lateral to maximize reservoir recovery. Earlier, SPE171800 introduced an innovative liner design for long open hole horizontal completions, namely Limited-Entry Liner (LEL) that enables high rate aggressive stimulation by bullheading technique. This paper will present the field stimulation results of more than five LEL laterals ranging several-kilometers in open hole completions, demonstrating the impact of LEL stimulations in accelerating production and maximizing reservoir recovery.

Several LEL horizontal wells were completed in low-permeability rock to enable high rate bullhead matrix stimulation. ExxonMobil proprietary software is used to design fit-for-purpose LEL that enables acid injection conformance along the lateral and at the same time creates deep-wormholes by high-velocity acid-jets through 3-mm/4-mm holes in liner base-pipe distributed non-uniformly along the lateral, compartmentalized with oil/water-swellable-packers. The execution of the stimulation campaign was made possible through the use of modularized-equipment packages installed on an ADNOC-vessel, utilizing a unique mechanism that locks the package components to frames installed to the vessel-deck. The stimulation package consists of 6×2000HHP pumps delivering up to 60bpm at 10,000psi. The liquid-additive system, 140bbl vertical mixing tank and more than 190,000gallon raw-acid storage tanks are fully automated to enable acid mixing and pumping on the fly at the desired rates, concentrations and recipes.

In order to demonstrate the effectiveness of acid placement and effective stimulation across the entire lateral, real-time Fiber-Optic surveillance techniques (DTS-DAS) were utilized. The recorded thermal and acoustic profiles provided a qualitative and quantitative measurement of the effectiveness of the mechanical diversion delivered by the LEL design. These data will help in corroborating and fine-tuning the model used in lower completion design of maximum reservoir contact wells in future field development. Along with well performance and real-time surveillance, production/injection logging data demonstrates effective stimulation of the entire lateral.

This paper presents field performance results from successful bullhead stimulation of extended reach horizontal well completed with LEL in low-permeability-reservoir. This paper also presents our first application of fiber-optic-DTS-DAS real-time-surveillance during stimulation and post-stimulation water injection. Advanced surveillance data demonstrated the success and effectiveness of the LEL completion and stimulation in extended-reach long horizontal open hole laterals.

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