An insight into Optical gas imaging (OGI) – Complete details on these applications. And apart from just visualizing gas, new age thermal cameras can provide lot of value through operational efficiency and safety in a variety of applications such as Furnace applications, Fire prevention, Fire fighting, electrical/mechanical/refractor, continuous monitoring, tank inspection and flare stack monitoring along with IR window details.

By T. P. Singh, Director (Ins) – Emerging Countries, FLIR Systems, Inc.

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The modern oil and gas industry’s practices – from extraction to refining – are depended on to be socially and environmentally responsible in terms of ecological mindfulness, regulatory compliance, and the safety of both workers and the communities surrounding operations. Thermal imaging, also called infrared (IR) thermography, provides a vehicle toward ensuring all these aims are met, while providing a tangible and justifiable return on investment (ROI). While optical gas imaging (OGI) plays the most recognized role in the oil and gas industry, thermal cameras can serve a variety of non-gas imaging applications in the industry as well.

This article discusses basic concepts of infrared technology and provides specific applications info that details the advantages of using thermal imaging over alternative technologies or methods.

Lets discuss basics first and then we move to different applications.

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