The rapid induction of Fiber Reinforced Plastics (FRP) into process industry due to high corrosion resistance and cost effectiveness made End Users to overlook FRP's specific design, fabrication and quality control aspects. This also affected various Utility and firewater networks in ADNOC Gas Processing plants. It is addressed by enhancing Vendor pre-qualification, relevant specifications and construction procedures. This paper presents measures adopted to ensure reliable design, supply and installation of FRP piping systems.

FRP piping systems have unique design/construction requirements that was not followed in totality in AGP past installations. Also, international standards do not offer adequate guidance on design, resins selection, fabrication methods and joint systems. Vendors were trusted upon for complete design. A campaign is initiated to engage FRP pipe manufacturer having binding single point responsibility from beginning of project for particular FRP system design to ensure desired performance of FRP piping system with extended warranty. Measures have been taken to improve quality material supply through enhanced vendor pre-qualification, ADNOC Gas Processing specifications and CONTRACTORS pre-qualification having certified site crew.

Studies revealed that material quality, velocity/surge pressure were the main contributing factors for failures which were not adequately addressed in design of FRP piping systems. Gaps noticed in previous projects were use of inadequate Codes, Composite's mechanical properties, design approach, inadequate joint preparation and QA/QC in construction phase. During manufacturing using wrong resin can be a cause for premature failure. Absence of certified personnel for project execution and

Non-compliance of manufacturer's instructions were also key lapses noted in construction phase. The gaps in design process, necessitated improvement and consolidation of ADNOC Gas Processing existing design specifications/criteria and analysis requirements which now mandate that the required hydraulic / surge / static analysis shall be carried out by pre-qualified FRP manufacturer. Material property issues were addressed by clearly specifying the material composition & properties requirements and procedural requirements for storage are incorporated into the manufacturing process, along with mandating minimum prior experience for the manufacturers for material supply and design. Certification of contractor's personnel and presence of FRP manufacturer's representative at site during construction and pre-commissioning has been emphasized as mandatory requirement. In addition Specialist 3rd party inspection/supervision must be deployed to ensure quality control during every step of construction and commissioning

Design specifications, procedures, manufacturing process, QA/QC and installation methods for FRP piping systems are available, but lacked activity interface between consultant, vendor and contractor. ADNOC Gas Processing enhanced the FRP specification ensuring single point responsibility with Vendor and procedures to ensure consistency from the design phase coherent with manufacturing process and appropriate implementation during the execution phase, in order to ensure the safety and integrity of FRP Piping systems.

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