At all Field Operation Centers of PETRONAS Carigali Sdn Bhd (PCSB), multiple meetings are conducted on a daily basis and also on a periodic basis, based on the laid down standardized meeting Terms of Reference (TOR). Many short and medium term actions, opportunities and risks are identified during these meetings. Further, through continuous real time surveillance and routine reviews as well as detailed analytic exercises, multiple actions leading to opportunities for production gain and better managing risks are identified. These actions are assigned to various discipline focals with an understanding that they would be completed within an expected time duration. As has been the practice, logging and registering of these actions are being made through different means, using documentation process that are not standardized, and which leads to difficulty in effectively following up on these actions until their closure.

To ensure that all such actions are tracked and effectively closed within the target date as well as to enable a readily accessible "Lessons Learnt" data bank, a centralized and standardized closed loop action tracking web-based system was deployed by Operational Excellence department in collaboration with all Assets.

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