Gas Lift Recovery IoT Platform is integrated IoT management and control platform self-dependently developed by Tuha Gas Lift Technical Center. Via real-time monitoring parameters e.g. surface tubing, casing pressures and gas injection volume etc., the behavior of gas lift valves can be reversely inferred by the platform. Through the control of the gas injection rate, the diagnosis of malfunctioned well and system optimization can be realized.

As to software, based on calculation method, basic logic algorithms for failure diagnosis & behavior diagnosis model are established. Further, by taking the profit maximization as target, mathematical model for gas lift system optimization is established. By taking mathematical model as core, early warning diagnosis & system optimization modules are developed. Further, the database, interactive expert and control & communication modules are developed. For hardware, based on flow characteristics, a new method based on flow measurement for variable opening degrees of regulating valve is proposed and flow control method of regulating valve based on incremental PID control is proposed.

As to software development, via study, the real-time monitoring and optimization diagnosis software for gas lift recovery IoT platform is formed, capable of realizing real-time diagnosis of gas lift well behavior and real-time optimization of the system. For hardware development, the integrated device for gas flow detection and control with STM32 as the core is developed. Through flow & opening control experiments, it is verified that the average measurement accuracy is up to 96%, the average control accuracy is 97.1% and the precision control of remote gas injection is realized. In combination with the control & communication modules for real-time monitoring, optimization and diagnosis software, the closed-loop control for gas lift recovery IoT platform integrating field data acquisition, remote diagnosis & optimization and field feedback execution is formed.

Gas lift IoT platform features safety, efficiency and good economics, capable of realizing real-time monitoring of production parameters as well as remote diagnosis, troubleshooting and production optimization etc., which significantly saves cost and could make up for the insufficiency of resources at fields.

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