EPC Contractors face the challenge of practicing/doing various activities that in most cases include some routine work (e.g. well characterization in Process simulation that requires extensive data entry, etc.). This routine work can be minimized by using developed automised solutions. These solutions will help to perform the above tasks as well as other tasks with higher efficiency and accuracy, less time and minimal errors while the Process Engineer will focus on more valuable tasks.

The Production Profile is one of the most important documents provided in any EPC stage since it is the basis for Process activities like simulations.

As per normal practice, the Process Engineer is requested to characterize each well in HYSYS using a no. of separation stages that depends on the project requirement. Well characterization includes finding the choke valve inlet flowrate and composition at the operating conditions using the productivity data. Productivity data includes the flowrates at Stock Tank Conditions and the reservoir composition. This task requires an extensive data entry since all wells have to be characterized for various production years. Moreover, any revision of such document may require an extensive re-work.

Performing Process simulations for an upstream project can be a challenging activity due to the possibility of having a high No. of wells that may need to be characterized in HYSYS. Moreover, the well characterization in HYSYS requires the input of oil/gas/water and gas lift productivity data in dedicated adjust blocks. For example, in a project having 100 wells and 4 governing cases, the No. of data that needs to be entered is 1200. This activity needs to be performed by the Process Engineer by reading the production profile and enter its data manually in HYSYS.

NPCC has developed a new software whose scope is to:

  1. Import the Production profile in a standard template

  2. Provide a track change for any production profile revision.

  3. Provide the governing cases (Max. Oil/Gas/Water) and their relevant production years for individual wells/Flowlines/Trunklines/Pipelines as well as the overall production.

  4. Automatically export into HYSYS the production rates that need to be used for well characterization.

With the above software, the following benefits are achieved:

  1. Reduction in manhours.

  2. Increase in efficiency.

  3. Minimum supervision from Process Engineer is required.

  4. Reduction of mistakes/human errors.

This paper demonstrates that saving in manhours/manpower is achieved by interfacing EXCEL and HYSYS through VBA. Dedicated software has been coded to import the production profile provided during FEED/EPC stage in a more presentable and organized format that can be sourced to HYSYS. This will help in facilitating process simulations as well as achieving higher efficiency in Process activities.

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