Comprehensive Energy studies entices in identifying potential energy savings in gas processing industry.

The approach is to study, measure, analyze and quantify:

  • Current energy situations with regards to processes and equipment operations;

  • Sources or areas of energy losses in processes and equipment;

  • Productive use of waste heat/energy;

  • Alternative (cost-effective) energy substitutes;

  • Modalities for augmenting energy losses and energy wastage in processes and plant equipment

  • Measures which do not require large investments, but can lead to 8 to 10 percent savings in energy consumption.

The Comprehensive Energy study has resulted in the identification of 31 potential energy saving opportunities, which could allow the company to achieve expected savings of up to 20%. Out of thirty one savings opportunities, seven were identified as potential quick wins with 10% saving potential, eight opportunities would require further analysis and investigation and sixteen opportunities were kept in abeyance due to economic factors. Quick wins, such as: Review of Advanced Process Control (APC), Sniffer Valve Leakage Survey, Plant wide control tuning, Efficiency check on LP and Residue gas Compressors, HP Feed gas discharge pressure control and Propane compressors Desuper heater Fan Controls which contributed to 10% energy savings were identified during the study. Payback periods are very attractive, in the range of 3 months, for these quick wins.

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