This paper describes how the unique centralizer requirements for extended reach drilling (ERD) wells can be attained. By continuously evaluating past casing runs in combination with engineering input, the learning curve led from a standard centralizer to a highly customized solution. The necessary flow path target to enhance the wellbore isolation through cement placement is met by achieving the right centralizer performance and placing.

A single-piece high-restoring-force centralizer is the best solution for the high inclination well profile to obtain the required 9 5/8-in. casing stand-off for ERD wells.

The original centralizer design experienced challenges such as high doglegs in some of the longest 9 5/8-in. casing strings that have been run in the UAE to date. Customize the centralizers for different well profiles was necessary. They were developed and tested according to the latest API 10D (2001) specifications using precision equipment to ensure reliable test results that enable accurate hook load and stand-off simulation.

Initially, a standard off-the-shelf design of a 9 5/8-in. x 12 1/4-in. single-piece centralizer was used in two wells with the following results:

  • Friction factor exceeded the expected values across the interval on occasion.

  • Total Depth (TD) was sucessfully reached by washing down to bottom.

  • Good centralization as per software design was attained (tageting 80%) with moderate to good isolation.

Due to the performance, while running in the hole (RIH), concerns arose due to the unexpectedly high friction factor which, could lead to difficulties RIH and reaching TD in future wells. The modified centralizer design has led to the following improvements:

  • Reduction of friction factor to an average of 0.24 due to a significant decrease in the centralizer running force even through reduced hole diameter intervals and the high dogleg severities (DLS)

  • Reaching TD successfully.

  • Stand-off remained around 80%, as demonstrated by outstanding cement bond log results across the critical sections.

It is important to consider that this centralizer was designed not to lose any performance after being run through reduced hole diameter intervals. The application of enhanced centralization design (i.e., standoff >80%) ensured good quality of the cement job.

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