The objectives of this paper are to highlight and discuss the role that Electrical, Instrumentation, Control and Telecom Systems (EICT Systems) can play in an optimization drive for offshore installation, let be on the footprint aspects, installation methodologies, mechanical completion and overall commissioning to first oil.

The Methodology being presented is based on converging the EICT Systems into an integrated approach in a homogenous EcoSystem building on the strength of the Systems Interfaces. This will cover the full lifecycle of those Systems from Engineering to Assembly and integration up to installation, testing and commissioning. The standard approach had been with these systems being addressed separately, while many of the design and implementation data and parameters converge into common interfaces that affects the overall aspect of Offshore installation like Ehouse Structures, back-up power supply systems and common Electrical, Process and Safety Control Interfaces and Platforms as examples.

We have been able to deliver a more optimized and efficient engineering with reference architectures, able to absorb variations without major impacts on delivery and commissioning schedule. Accordingly, we have better Systems Build-ups with optimized Interfaces and lesser footprints in Space and Energy consumption, i.e. Ehouse Structures (LERs and ITRs), Back-up Power Systems and Outdoor Equipment. Also, this has resulted in a more efficient installation and commissioning, i.e. less cabling and marshaling. This has led to a better offshore space allocation and Management, improved schedules for engineering, installation testing and commissioning and ultimately resulting in a better Cost of ownership at CAPEX and OPEX

This paper will discuss some of the critical interfaces mentioned above, like Ehouse and Integrated Process and Power Management and how the EICT Integrated approach will help deliver these Systems in an optimized and efficient manner to deliver the stated results and conclusion

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