The objective of this work is to enable the collaboration of multiple disciplines in the performance reviews of reservoirs while establishing a culture of variance reduction and sustainable consistency in results delivery. This effort focuses on the performance management reviews of very large carbonate reservoirs where the number of wells and producing zones overwhelm engineers and organizations with data volume and complexity due to areal and vertical heterogeneity.

A novel Reservoir Performance Review (RPR) solution has been implemented across various offshore reservoirs units. RPR initiates all asset activities during reservoir performance reviews and allows the tracking of actions over the life of the reservoir.

RPR leverages data analytics to automatically compute reservoir health key performance indicators that allow prioritization of the technical work, extract and transform data from multiple data sources, deliver performance dashboards with diagnostic plot standardized across all assets and users providing an archive of information and knowledge from past reservoir performance reviews.

RPR leverages business process management and integrated visualization to assist in the identification and recording of opportunities, risks and actions, while providing control and management of the business processes.

The solution offers an innovative way to collaboratively gather, validate, analyze reservoir performance across the asset on a sustainable and cost-efficient manner while addressing more formal approval processes in order to garner approval or authorization for action. Some of the realized benefits include ensuring effectiveness in the execution of reservoir management, monitor variance between actual performance and expectation during the execution of projects; and ensure production sustainability and mitigate shortfalls proactively. RPR enabled the achievement of a consistent approach across all assets for all reservoir performance review processes, while improving efficiency through automation of data gathering and presentation and the identification of all underperforming reservoir, sectors and fields.

Reservoir management excellence is achieved by delivering immediate value on the opportunities identified during performance reviews which ensure short term profitability while preserving long term goals. Typically, operators are satisfied by meeting targets within certain tolerance. RPR ensures that performance excellence is achieved by considering all technical and business aspects.

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