An innovative work process for integrated and collaborative way of working has been developed and is being operationalized throughout all PETRONAS Carigali operating blocks, within Malaysia and also, in all International Countries wherein PETRONAS Carigali is the operating partner. This process is inline to the Company's vision for a phenomenal shift in the way that the company's workforce accomplishes its tasks, employing latest digital technologies and efficient work processes. Through this work process, the intention is to integrate all systems and tools, adopt collaboration between various work disciplines and come up with a novel work process that is lean with the prime objective of maximizing production and improving the production efficiency.

This integrated and collaborative work process is being named as Reservoir Well Facility Management (RWFM), encompassing all the six production lenses and is thus an end-to-end business process. The geographical areas of operation of the Company are vast and scattered across the world. Thus, a need has been felt to standardize the work practices across all operating blocks in order to ensure that there is a standardized and integrated way of working at every work location. Also, there have been a number of digital solutions deployed over the last couple of years and the immediate need is to integrate all these solutions as well as to enhance their utilization. This RWFM work process will facilitate increased utilization of the tools as well as integrate all the current solutions.

The new work process has been deployed as a program at most of the Assets of the Company. The process will take some time to be fully practiced and the program team will be looking at a stabilization period before the Assets actively implement it in their daily routine. There is a Change Management effort ongoing in parallel to assist the operationalization team and to bring in the mind set change to inculcate the new way of working. This paper will entail a detailed discussion on the work process and the operationalization activity undertaken by the focused team.

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