Coalbed methane (CBM), also known as coal seam gas, is becoming an increasingly important energy resource in the global natural gas market. Gas transport in CBM reservoirs remains a crucial research topic that has not been fully understood. Two scales of gas flow are identified in coal cores: flow in fractures and diffusion within matrix. The diffusion process is quantified by the gas diffusion coefficient while flow in fractures is governed by fracture apertures. This paper aims to explore the diffusion process in coal using X-ray microcomputed tomography (micro-CT) imaging. The experiments are conducted at 100 psi effective stress to eliminate the impact of pressure. The images obtained are registered for visualisation and analysis of the diffusion process and comparisons of fracture. In the paper, the impact of increasing effective stress on fracture aperture is demonstrated. Also, the diffusion coefficient of Krypton in coal matrix is estimated and discussed.

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