The objective of writing this success story is to demonstrate how technology, in particular low cost solutions, are key to economically sustain and secure production from mature fields. Tubing Patch technology has been successfully utilized in Pakistan for the first time to restore the well integrity and saved huge CAPEX by avoiding expensive rig workover.

Tubing-Annulus pressure suddenly increased in one of water disposal well (WDW). Annulus pressure varied directly with variations in Injection rates which were the clear evidence that tubing-annulus communication had been established and basic check ascertains that well had integrity issue. Being the only injector in area all production and processing of gas is majorly dependent on its injection reliability and integrity. After detailed in-house working it was decided to run diagnostic logging with spinner (quantitative) & temperature log (qualitative) to identify the leakage points precisely. All potential leakage paths (packer, tubing, tool joints) were considered while selecting the diagnostic techniques to have conclusive results. Based on diagnostic logging three leakage points were identified. Before proceeding for remedial measures to restore the well integrity, it was mandatory to check health of old carbon steel tubing string therefore it was planned to acquire corrosion log. Based on corrosion logging results, completion tubular was established in good condition which steered to install tubing patches best Techno-Economical solution across the leaks to restore well integrity instead of rig workover for re-completion.

Consequently, three tubing patches, were successfully applied using wireline in water disposal well and integrity of well was restored. C-Annulus was pressure tested even after six months of installation and no pressure drop was observed during this interval.

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