As one of the worst oil & gas business downturns struck, the need for a revolutionary approach of drilling was needed. Optimization was the key word during that period, it was about time to look back at drilling fundamentals, review and learn from previous failures and lessons while establishing new foundation for a transformed yet successful process that ensured an all-time historical success.

While many trials of drilling optimization initiatives were executed over the years, inconsistent drilling performance delivery and repetitive failures continued to raise a red flag each time for variety of reasons. Drilling optimization in action was then introduced with its’ comprehensive drilling optimization package, where all historical norms, failures, lessons, and designs were analyzed thoroughly. New objectives and revised designs were proposed accompanied with a whole new process that ensured success.

From challenges achieving required performance levels and dog legs in the top sections with increased risks of axial and lateral vibrations, to the difficulties faced in the landing section drilling through unconsolidated and reactive shales in the north, and through fragile weak formations in the south to the difficulties transferring weight to the bit at deeper depths in the horizontal laterals drilling highly porous zones of sticky limestones.

Drilling optimization in action project was successfully introduced and executed with a renovated set of drilling parameters envelopes, revised trajectory designs, re-engineered BHA designs, right choice of fit for purpose bits models, adequate technology utilization and effective real-time performance reporting and monitoring.

While cost optimization was the trend during the downturn, there was no better option to achieve desired financial results for both operator and service provider than the inclusion of the drilling optimization in action initiative into every well drilling program, it was proven to be an ultimate win-win technical and business solution.

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