Preformed Particle Gel (PPG) have been used as conformance control in mature oil field. Reservoirs ith fractures and very high permeability are candidates for gel treatment. By injecting the PPG in the flooded area, the post waterflooding reached unswept area and improve oil recovery factor. Recently, Discrete Fracture Model (DFM) has been reached a great attention by some researchers in reservoir modeling area. Therefor, DFM was used to evaluation of gel treatment in fractured reservoirs using different senarios.

Outcrop carbonate core with oil-wet wettability was used to establish the experiment part. Transparent acrylic plates was used to design the fracrure model with 1.5 mm fracture width. Sodium chloride was prepared for waterflooding and PPG swollen. The experimental results showed that the preformed particle gel improved the oil recovery improved by 12% after gel treatment with 20% water cut reduction as an experimental results. Morover, the experimental result showed a very good match with simulation results in lab scale. The main PPG design variables are PPG concentration and PPG treatment timing according to the field scale simulation resuls and when gel treatment applied early, the oil recovery improved. The integration of gel treatment and Embedded Discrete Fracture Modeling (EDFM) will help the field developers to select the best senario for gel treatment.

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