In South Oman, PDO is producing from high Sour Fields (H2S 1-10%) with high reservoir pressures ranging from 50,000 to 100,000kpa for more than 20 yrs. Operating these high sour wells comes with huge challenges and risks, which can easily get escalated to very high levels in case of any integrity issues with the wells. These situations not only provide significant exposure to expensive and risky well interventions but also pose threats to production due to Simultaneous Operations (SIMOPS) issues.

The authors describe case studies where team was exposed to these challenging situations due to integrity failures in two such wells. New technologies were implemented which resulted in restoring the well integrity in a very cost effective manner (cost savings worth millions) and also reduced the HSE risks on the nearby operations. As a result, production was safeguarded (3-4% of Station Capacity) by allowing drilling of new wells and oil deferment from existing wells in the nearby area was avoided.

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