Turbo machineries are considered as one of the most critical equipment in oil, gas and petrochemical plants which needs highly safe and reliable operation. Generally, turbomachineries will be driven by Electric motor or steam turbine or gas turbine in process plant which depends upon the application. This case study represents an experience on complex turbo machinery driver misalignment which is electric motor. In this specific case, electric motor drives Gearbox and centrifugal compressor. Centrifugalcompressor is used for process gas pressurisation. This misalignment was observed between electric motor and gearbox.

Electric motors are basically electrical machines which converts electric energy into mechanical energy. So, they are used as driver to drive gearboxes, compressors or pumps and other machines. These machineries have rotating parts at hot at high speed.

While units are in new installation phase, machinery alignment shall be performed between the driver and driven machineries. Unlike other rotating machines, electric motors have high thrust clearance. During operation rotor will come to magnetic centre. Prior to the installation of coupling solo run will be performed on the motor to evaluate the performance of motor and to ensure the magnetic centre.

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