Inform and educate oil and gas pipe engineers of the safe and reliable solutions to pipe motion at high pressures. Expansion joints for Axial and Offset technology pipe systems. Ball joint designs in the offset and scissor installations for Offshore, Onshore, Production, Development and Distribution pipe systems.

Axial and Offset Pipe system technology and what are the advantages? How are expansion joints installed? What is a ball joint and how do they work? How to model expansion joints in a pipe stress program?

Ball joints are not new. Barco Ball joints have been around since 1908. The designs were developed to ensure steam could reach the front of a train from the boiler in the back across each car connection. The Steam piping made the passenger cars warm and comfortable. Today, Ball Joints provide a method of absorbing pipe movement for applications ranging to high pressures, steam and hot water pipe expansion, tank and building settlement, seismic isolation, wave motion compensation on oil platforms, barges, FPSO and drilling ships, solar panel movement, oil well riser expansion and safety relief valve escape piping.

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