Abu Al Bukhoosh (ABK) is an oil and gas field located 180 kilometers away from the Abu Dhabi's coast and has been in operation since 1974. The complex was gradually developed over the past forty years, and has some aging platforms and facilities.

As a consequence the problems related to Asset Integrity is one of the most important with regards to Operations Risk Management. Repairs or intervention activities must have very specific and rigorous plans for addressing barriers to prevent uncontrollable loss of containment from the wellbore to the external environment. Hence continuous monitoring and integrity management of the field is mandatory for long-term profitability and HSE performance in an aging asset like ABK.

Asset Integrity is usually well covered during technical discussions and meetings, and is usually considered as a subject matter expert topic. However Asset Integrity and its associated technological risks are usually less discussed during general events involving the whole organization. This is more limited to operational safety KPI's, the protection of the environment and the prevention of accidents to people. These are easier topics to discuss and are more suited to the corporate communication materials.

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