The objective of the Study was to recommend the most techno-economic option to maximize the NGL Recovery at existing Gas Processing Complex by assessing all the facilities in the complete processing chain from Offshore to Onshore and evaluating the potential options and their associated bottlenecks, production impact and business interruption in order to address the changes in gas supply to the existing Gas Processing Complex from various sources and developments.

The Study was conducted in 3 stages:

  1. Feasibility Study was carried out and recommended to install two NGL Recovery Trains with huge capital investment.

  2. Gap Analysis and Idea Innovation - The alternative idea of maximizing utilization of existing facilities and energy with minimum modifications was developed by re-distributing the feed streams based on their richness in NGL content within existing facilities so that the optimum NGL Recovery can be achieved.

  3. Pre-Feed Study – The developed idea along with other potential options were thoroughly evaluated by a Pre-FEED Study to select the most techno-economic feasible option.

The concept of maximizing utilization of existing facilities and re-distribution of gas according to their qualities offers outstanding benefits to its shareholders:

  • Considerable saving in capital investment ~ 98.64% and energy saving of ~ 18 MW

  • minimum modifications at Offshore Facilities and Existing Gas Processing Complex which could be carried-out during a planned Shut Down and without impacting the production targets.

  • High Net Present Value

  • Reversible design and operation

  • No long lead items

This paper represents the change in typical approach of installation of new facilities to accommodate the increase in gas supply to a holistic approach of efficient utilization of existing facilities and energy to generate more values to business by generating more revenues with minimum modifications and offering facilities which will be fit for purpose and potential future developments.

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