The drive to Goal Zero (or no harm to people, damage to asset and impact to environment) has been the cornerstone of the company as a highly reliable and caring organization. It is the "Northern Lights" of Iceland, considered as the majestic natural phenomenon known on earth. Simply put, it is the auroras or bright lights across the darkened night sky in vivid colors. There is never a guarantee that they will lit up the sky the moment we decided to look up. Anyone who wishes to see the "Northern Lights" requires an enormous amount of patience, collaboration, strategic planning, and flawless execution. Similar to Goal Zero, we all have a common goal of no harm people and through collaboration, strategic planning, execution and patience- we will strive to reach Goal Zero. In THE COMPANY, one of the ways to achieve Goal Zero is to promote safe behaviour at the workplace amongst frontline staff by equipping the Frontline Supervisors with the right tools and techniques through FLS Academy.

The FLS Academy or "Safety Leadership for Front Line Supervisors Academy" was introduced in Well Engineering Directorate to address the growing number of incidents; including high potential incidents due to lack of or ineffective supervision at the worksite. The top 3 common causational factors from 2015 are:

  • People (ACTS): Inattention/Lack of Awareness: Improper decision making or lack of judgment

  • Process (CONDITIONS): Organisational: Inadequate hazard identification or risk assessment

  • Process (CONDITIONS): Organisational: Inadequate work standards/procedures.

In a number of Level 2 audits, it has been identified as one of the major gaps when it comes to frontline supervisory skills, certification and qualification.

The objectives of FLS Academy in supporting and achieving Goal Zero are divided into two parts:

  1. For Frontline Supervisors:

    • To improve the Frontline Supervisor’s knowledge of the Safety Leadership responsibilities with emphasis on Behavioral Safety issues and develop a mindset of Chronic Unease amongst staff.

    • To energize and recognize ones role in achieving Goal Zero.

    • To up-skill the Frontline Supervisors to become highly effective in crew engagement at the worksite.

    • To experience a unique opportunity to engage with Senior Leaders (e.g. Managers and Team Leads), breaking down organization barriers and introduce a new approach of safety conversations.

  2. For the Senior Leaders:

    • To transform our Managers and Team Leads into Safety Leaders and be advocate of FLS through engagement and facilitation of FLS modules with their Frontline Supervisors (e.g. Drilling Supervisors, Hoist Supervisors, Rig Managers, Night Toolpushers).

    • To bring Senior Leaders closer to the Line/worksite and create a new approach of safety conversation.

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