The workflow is implemented for designing Lower completion with inflow control devices &/or inflow control valves (ICD/ICV) for high departure long horizontal wells in a Green Field located North West offshore Abu Dhabi. The major challenges that being faced in the field development include reservoir heterogeneity with high permeability contrast ranging from 0.1 to 500 md, fault network and high uncertainty about Tar Mat surface & Oil Water contact.

Main objectives of ICD/ICV completions are; to have uniform influx/flow profile from all sublayers of reservoir by dividing horizontal drain in compartments based on reservoir properties variations, minimize heel to Toe effect, controlled inflow from high permeability streaks, without compromising total well deliverability; most importantly to encourage more inflow from the lower permeability regions.

The ICD/ICV Completion design workflow utilized in the industry and available in literature was followed along with new improved & integrated approach of dynamic simulation modelling. An appropriate reservoir sector model having one deviated gas injector, one/two horizontal water injector(s) and one ICD/ICV candidate oil producer was extracted to be used for this study.

Single time step static modelling and dynamic sector modeling simulation approaches were implemented for ICD/ICV modeling. The dynamic simulation model workflow included Local Grid Refinement across the candidate well & gas injector along with well segmentation. Sensitivity & optimization cases include Open hole (base) case, ICD/ICV completions with different nozzles sizes, and varying compartment/segment lengths for better control & improving oil flow profiles, and cumulative oil production.

This workflow has provided valuable design data prior to drilling this challenging horizontal well candidate, lower completion equipment allocation based on compartment requirements and final optimization of ICD/ICV after receiving open hole logs; where latest suit of logs were run, are discussed in this paper.

The completion design of the well resulted from this workflow included ICD configurations with swell packer arrangements to create 8 compartments along the reservoir section. Simulation results from ICD/ICV completion proved successful in delaying water & gas breakthrough in representative multi-well dynamic sector model.

This Workflow adopted by the team in designing the lower completion resulted in successful installation of the ICD(s) & ICV(s) in the field for various oil producer wells.

This paper also covers the challenges being faced while real time fine tuning of ICD/ICV design model. This workflow would be useful for any future designing & applications of this type of smart completions for any field worldwide with similar challenges.

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