Managing more than 60 oil and gas companies spending the maintenance budget of about 1 (one) Billion US Dollar is a big challenge to Special Task Force for Upstream Oil and Gas Business Republic of Indonesia (or known as SKK Migas) as an Indonesian government body appointed to supervise and monitor the Production Sharing Contract (PSC) operators all over Indonesia. Given the limited resources, some restrictions must be addressed, among others, the legacy manual system which is unable to manage the massive information in maintenance; the loss production opportunities due to reliability issue of the ageing facilities, maintenance cost reduction, reutilization of surplus assets and gap in knowledge, competency and innovation between the companies.

The strategies for overcoming the restrictions are principally driven by some major factors i.e. the oil and gas production target and the controlled cost recovery. The efforts are therefore implemented into some general approaches, namely by building a national maintenance information system, applying maintenance assessment regularly, controlling the maintenance work program & budgets and collaborative approaches to the companies.

The maintenance information system has been successfully developed in an efficient and customable manner. The system is able to provide national maintenance data, which are powerful to support decision-making processes in maintenance management. By the system-driven, the control and supervision become more effective. The historical data stored completely helps facilitating evaluation of the operator performance and deciding what actions are required to improve the performance goal. In addition to that, the unused or idle equipment are also well-monitored by the system. Whenever needed, they can be transferred to other companies, so that saving the operational expenses, instead of purchasing or building the new facilities. No exception as well is the efforts to close gap in knowledge, competency and innovation via maintenance cluster forums around Indonesia.

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